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Values and Ethos

  • to realise your dreams

  • to become responsible citizens
  • to become creative thinkers 
  • to become confident individuals
                          Step up, Step ahead . . .to become life-long learners
Our Ethos
A love of learning is at the heart of everything we do. We consider everyone to be a learner and every experience a learning opportunity. We believe every child should feel safe, understand that they are valued and that their opinions matter. We recognise everybody has talents and that success should be celebrated. We instil an awareness of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We appreciate the importance of our local community and acknowledge our responsibilities towards the worldwide community.
Our Aims
We aim to:
  • inspire and challenge
  • achieve excellence and experience success
  • build confidence and independence 
  • develop a strong sense of right and wrong
  • respect ourselves, each other and the world around us 
In an environment which is:
  • exciting and stimulating
  • purposeful and motivational
  • welcoming and secure
  • positive and supportive
  • inclusive and sustainable 
We will achieve this by:
  • providing engaging learning opportunities which extend beyond the school day
  • having high expectations in all areas of learning
  • creating a climate of trust and listening to everyone’s views 
  • providing a clear moral code as a basis for behaviour
  • celebrating individuality and differences, and demonstrating our commitment to the global dimension
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