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Our Vision

Learning is a journey. It can sometimes be a smooth ride and it can sometimes be a difficult trek. But the exciting thing about this journey you are on is that it will last your whole life and it will take you to marvellous places. You are in the driving seat as you travel on the learning journey. You choose the direction you wish to go in and we are here to encourage your choices. We will show you some of the roads you can travel down and we can help you turn round if you go in the wrong direction.

You don’t have to decide your destination now. You may not find out where you are going for a long time. But as you travel, the learning you do will never be wasted. You may take a musical road and we will help you discover you talents by teaching you to play an instrument and to use musical language. You may take a sporting path and we will support you by giving you opportunities to stay fit and healthy and to learn new skills. If your road is scientific, we will encourage you to investigate new ideas and think about things in different and interesting ways.

One of these roads may lead to a career but all of the roads on which you travel will contribute to you being a person who can take their place in the world, making a successful contribution and having a positive impact on your community, wherever that may be. Wherever your road leads you, you can make a difference.

We will give you the tools and opportunities to enjoy this early part of your journey. We will help you pack new skills, new ideas and amazing memories, so when you leave us for the next part of your huge adventure, you are ready and able to continue your learning journey with confidence and enthusiasm for everything that is still to come.

Our Mission Statement

At Curridge Primary School, we know that all of our children have a learning superhero inside of them.  We will help every child to discover their learning superpowers.

Captain Challenge: We will unlock children’s Growth Mindset so that they are resilient when faced with challenges – in the classroom and out 

Captain Curiosity: We will encourage children to ask questions and to form their own opinions, while respecting other people’s ideas, by giving them BIG things to think about

Captain Confidence: We will teach children how to ‘have a go’ in a safe and supportive environment because making mistakes is part of the learning process

Captain Collaboration: We will give children opportunities to work as a team and appreciate and incorporate other people’s talents and skills in a group effort

Captain Cooperation: We will encourage children to recognise that great ideas can be used to inspire and improve their own work and that they are part of a bigger picture

Captain Creativity: We will inspire children, through our own enthusiasm and passion, to understand that learning is HUGE – it doesn’t just happen in the classroom, it’s not just maths and English and it doesn’t always look or feel like learning





Respect & Responsibility

Our Value Rangers represent the qualties that we wish to demonstrate around the school but also in our community. 

They were designed by children in school and then digitally reworked to create the characters below.


Reflection and Resilience

Respect - For ourselves and those around us

Responsibility - For ourselves, for other people and for our environment

Resilience - Persevering when things get tough and bouncing back

Reflection - Thinking about what went well and what we would change


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