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Positions of Responsibility

School Council

Curridge School Council has an important role to play in the development of our school.  Children from every year group, including Reception, learn about our democratic values as they elect School Councillors. The School Council meets regularly to discuss changes and improvements to our school. 

Other positions of responsibility give children the opportunity to be role models for younger members of the school. Sports captains encourage team behaviour while House Captains regularly update the school on how their houses are successfully working together.

Our Head Girl and Head Boy report on what is happening in school every week in our celebration assembly as well as representing the school at events. For example they are attending Westminster Abbey for the Child War Memorial Service in November and Trinity School's Masterchef Competiton.

School Council Representatives:

Year 1: Shauna & Oscar
Year 2: Jacob & Mia
Year 3: Bertie & Maja
Year 4: James & Evie
Year 5: Corey, Cameron & Scarlett
Year 6: Georgie, Jessica & Oscar

Head Boy and Girl

Head Girl: Anna
Deputy Head Girl: Holly
Head Boy: Jesse
Deputy Head Boy: Luke

House Captains

Air – Amaya. Fire – Oscar.  Water – Lewis.  Earth – Rosie

Sport Captains

Georgie, Luke, Nell, Annabel, Jesse, Anna, Jessica

LOtC Ambassadors

Holly, Rosie, Annabel, Oscar, Thomas

Playgroud Buddies

Lilly, Reuben, Rufus Ella

Playgroud Friends

Cai & Corey

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